Friday, 12 February 2010

Colour, Light, Inspiration

The opening scene to Fallout 3. The gritty, run-down, post-apocalyptic feel is related to the gritty, run-down Victorian slums we're aiming for.
The lighting is super effective in creating a bland, desolate wasteland.
The environment is full of greys and browns. Ordinarily boring colours, but they work well in 
Also, to be fair, is one of my favourite openings to a game.

The Worst Jobs in History - Victorian Era
Cleaning steam trains!

A Jack the Ripper walk through London. Lovely, atmospheric grottiness.

Le Café

I pretty much fell in love with this little animation and song the first time I saw it.
It's absolutely brilliant.
The colours are really beautiful, and a lot of them are based around coffee stains, or coffee beans.
I will stop waffling, so you can see it for yourselves. :)

And yes, I know it's French, but the love of coffee and the crazy things that caffeine can make you do are universal.

Random Inspiration

The Bioshock 2 twitter feed dropped this into my lap the other day, as they pretty much pimped out one of the concept artists (character) in a tweet.
Goodness me, I love microblogging.
And this guy's artwork is pretty fantastic. :)
Was recently featured in ImagineFX if I'm not mistaken.  (Edit: Issue 51)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Street Plan

Now with added Moom (for size reference!) and PUB!
Good for your heart, soul and planning needs.